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Kingdom Intelligent Quotient

This speaks to our functional knowledge about the ​​Kingdom of Heaven and God.  The Kingdom is the very thing King Yeshua said to seek first along with His righteousness (Matthew 6:33).  

Boosting our K-IQ means: 

  • Understanding and experiencing the Love of King Yeshua for His citizens

  • Knowing the difference between the Kingdom of Heaven & the Kingdom of God

  • Knowing the responsibilities of King Yeshua to His citizens

  • Knowing the expectations of King Yeshua regarding His citizens

  • Understanding that the Kingdom functions as a government with a constitution

  • Understanding the 6 aspects of Kingdom society

  • Knowing the culture of the Kingdom

The more we know of the Kingdom, the more of it we can apply to every area of our lives  experiencing the fullness of life intended by the King Himself, the Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9:6).

We must become students of the King and His Kingdom.   Visit this site for teaching on God’s Kingdom.  Boost your K-IQ!