Total Life Victory Awaits!


L. Barrington Allen is an experienced speaker on the Kingdom of God, emphasizing the hebraic roots of the Church.  He extensively explains the gospel of the Kingdom which ultimately leads to the person of Yeshua Ha Machiach (Jesus the Christ) who is the King of the Kingdom.  Barrington encourages entrance into the Kingdom through trusting in the King Himself for salvation.

Barrington presents keynote addresses on the Kingdom perspective of marriage and family as a pastoral counselor, sharing from his thirty plus years as a husband and father.  He also presents the Kingdom perspective on our relationship with others, money matters, our vocation and our health.  Barrington teaches regularly on the biblical mandate to support Israel and the Jewish people, serving Christians United for Israel ( CUFI ).

As a conference speaker, Barrington will inspire your attendees unto complete and utter devotion to God and His Kingdom.

Speaker Request:  [email protected]